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I promise that I'll not say to you that you can't use a certain product.


Because I believe in choice.  As a natural makeup artist I've worked really hard to find the products and techniques that I can guarantee to my clients are natural but will perform so you wouldn't know any different.  That's my goal. 

It might not be yours and thats ok as I believe in choice. In terms of what I stock at The Eco Makeup Bar I have a few non-negotiable's and you'll not find these in my selection 


this is what makes your face wash, toothpastes and shampoo foam up but honestly its not much different to the way a dishwashing liquid would on your greasy dishes. It dries out your skin, is hard and can you feeling slightly stripped.  That's a no from me.


Think silicone, plastic, non biodegradable, washes off your face down the plug and heads to our waterways and oceans- pretty gross right.  Plus if you are spending you're hard earned cash on a new makeup product I don't want it to be chalk full of dimethicone.  We can do better.  I choose options with nourishing ingredients- hence the tag line makeup you can feel good about.

Mineral oil:

Controversial as I know some derms love this especially on sensitive souls BUT I liken it to using margarine to grease your cake pan before you make the muffins, I think of it as a filler, think empty calories for your face- I would much rather use a nourishing plant oil in my skincare/foundation.

Paraffin/petroleum-similar to as above. I mean.  We can do better.


Does that mean one day you'll not see an item that might contain something less than pure on my face or on my website- no because we are educated people and we get to choose what we put on our faces.  If you'd like to trial any of my natural products see them in action and how you can trade out your old products for shine new natural ones book in for my next studio day Aug 22 and select try on in 15 or book a makeup workshop for you and your crew- email me here.

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