Why we shouldn't be afraid of our makeup and skincare products....

When I started out in clean beauty I had a real 'are you in or are you out' mentality, there were no grey areas allowed, it came from a place of not really knowing and taking the lead from other people that I thought were the thought leaders in the clean beauty industry.  Working in retail showed me ALOT of variation in what people wanted, and their motivation for seeking out natural products.  Some wanted vegan, some had to ensure everything was cruelty free, others would only buy organic, some only Australian made, others only believe in pure so what was I left with?

Along the way I got distracted with other peoples ideals and approaches but I'm glad I have (as I generally do) come back to my senses and decided to always operate from a place of love and not fear when it comes to makeup, natural, pure, vegan, conventional or otherwise.


The way it transforms, empowers and uplifts.  The ability to take 10-15 minutes out for yourself to do a quick 'fresh n flawless' or even a self love skincare ritual.  This is empowering stuff, it's accessible and EASY to do for yourself.  

After being in the clean beauty space in Brisbane for over three years now I can truely say you don't have to be in this industry and be into fear mongering or shaming.  Most people are trying to do the right thing and a lot of these people are homegrown businesses juggling life, kids, self starters, over coming odds, challenge, health and differences.  Honestly I don't think anyone needs to be preached too.  You're an adult you probably don't need to be told something is nasty because, choice.  

Originally, I felt the need to shout about my clean beauty journey because I am excited to make a change and do something that I think is making a difference but its not for everyone and that's ok too.  I really want to see ethical retailers start to make a change in the way they shoot their beauty campaigns and look books by investing in professionals that live their values.  If you are interested I had a chat with Bernie from from our Eco Editorial Team here.  I think for transparency as a customer you'd also rather know the artists/teams behind these campaigns are eco makeup artists too as by giving us a platform they are showing they are serious about their commitment to sustainability. 

If you do want to look at the more natural side of things with me including trying out my natural makeup products, creating a natural daytime look or learning how to do your own makeup you can do so with The Eco Makeup Bar- private and group makeup workshops, one on ones, makeovers, bridal showers and weddings at our boutique studio in Bardon contact me here.  We are all about...

Chilled vibes | Empowerment | Fun ✌️


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