Makeup Artist Tips- How to use Concealer.

3 ways to apply natural concealer

I've spoken about the more conventional ways to apply concealer now I thought I'd let you in on a few MUA tricks I use on my clients with The Arnica Concealer.

Adding Coverage:

I like to mix up my oat milk foundation and the arnica concealer to add coverage to the areas of my clients face that may need a little extra oomph- breakouts and pigmentation are the usual culprits- or perhaps you are just looking to level up your foundation for an evening look or night out.  This means you can be targeted an apply to the areas you want more coverage and keep the rest of the face looking more natural less mask like. Apply with my buffing brush in thin layers and set with the Corn Translucent Powder to set or add the next level of longevity, coverage and a natural SPF with a Gemma Vendetta Mineral Powder Foundation  🙌

The Eye Brow Lift:

Looking for a natural alternative to to botox brows??? EEER yeah!  Well I love to emphasis the peak of the brow with the Perfect Brow Pencil (it's a really easy to use buildable product that you can apply very easily- its hard to make a mistake with it!) and then remember when we all used to do that under brow highlighter - wellll stop right now sister and put that white highlighter down!  Grab your arnica concealer and concealer brush from My Custom Brush Set and draw an outline at the top outer corner of the brow and blend it back towards the hairline.  You want to be doing this with a slightly lighter tone then your foundation (so the same as what you would use on 

Contouring & Highlighting:

You can achieve a full glam Kim K style contour and highlight makeup with natural makeup?  Enter stage left The Arnica Concealer. I use two colours of the arnica concealer- one slightly darker and one slightly lighter than your skin tone.  I'm Chai so I would use honey and caramel.  Applying these colours to your contour your face and blending out will create light and shade to the features and can create that real glam look with natural makeup. Check out my next Contour and Highlight workshop if you'd love to learn how to I also love this trick when doing natural wedding makeup for brides who want more of a dramatic look.

As always- need help just ask.  Makeup and the way we use it to uplift, inspire and empower is my passion.  If I feature your question in my weekly ask a makeup artist you get a free ticket to my in person or online workshops.  Chances are if you are wondering someone else will be too so lets share the love and paint the world pretty together. Amy xx



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