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Spa Skin with Amy from The Eco Makeup Bar X Ere Perez

How to create dewy skin


I love glowing skin.  Skin that looks like skin.  Skin that shows your true self. 

Let’s get real though sometimes life gets in the way of that just walked out of the spa skin look.  Dewy, glass and even wet look skin has been trending all over the internet but not all instagram trends are wearable.  Here Amy from The Eco Makeup Bar show us how to achieve spa skin with only two products.

“I love to apply a sheer coat of the Oatmilk foundation all over the skin first to even out my skin tone, takeaway any redness and add a layer of hydration.  Although this is a foundation the oat milk, vitamin E, and peach extract help to soothe and hydrate plus enhance my natural skin tone.   In fact even on work from home days I love to wear this foundation to help protect my skin and stop me from touching my face.”

“Now time to switch it up…I love to add a few drops of the Australian blue cypress face nectar and press in all over the skin with my palms”.   With a mixture of anti-inflammatory oils and natural fragrant oils such as Jasmine and frankincense this oil can really work to uplift your sprits as it nourished the skin.  The combination of these two products alone give a ‘just came from the spa’ skin finish.   This trick is also a great way to add a youthful glow to your skin. “I often reapply the second step throughout the day to keep my glow”.  

Going out?  Pair this spa skin look with a bright lip for a serious pop or keep it natural with a slick of balm.

Would you try this look? We’d love to hear!

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