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The Minimalist Makeup Collection


When I started on my clean beauty journey I went between wanting to empty my whole makeup bag into the bin to trying to squeeze the last out of my favourite foundation because I hadn't quite found the perfect 'one' yet- enter stage left the new formulation of the oat milk foundation and that soon changed.  The thing is once you learn about the toxic load you are adding to your system just by doing your normal morning routine of shower, body care and makeup you can't really unlearn it.  I felt weird putting these substances on my skin knowing what I was applying to my face.  A quick check on your ingredients list if you see the word Dimethicone you are literally applying plastic to your face- is that or is that not weird?  When you break it down that's what you are doing.

Whichever way you decide to do it here's my top tips for a minimalist makeup collection. 


I'm much more likely to spend time doing a beautiful base than worry about an eye makeup in fact half the time I don't even bother with mascara.  By choosing a natural makeup product for your base you are ensuring the largest surface area of your face is covered with clean, safe ingredients that way if you can't quite say goodbye to your favourite cult eye shadow palette you at least know you are part of the way there with your foundation.  I like to pair the arnica concealer with the oat milk foundation as these two work seamlessly together to create a really flawless base that can also be mixed up to a full coverage, evening foundation and also act as your eye primer and even used strategically for contouring your face.  I always prep the skin with a primer, I've been loving the Moringa Beauty Creme for this purpose. Setting your base with the corn translucent powder also gives you extra longevity and can be used for shine control too. Watch me create a flawless base.



A liner pencil is one of the most versatile makeup products you can go for, its possible to do a full smokey eye just with one pencil so when it comes to minimalism so I would ensure you have my favourite jojoba eyeliner in your kit- choose a colour that speaks to you and that you'll wear regularly.  (Watch how here) Choosing an eyeshadow palette that you can really get the distance from is also a good place to start- matte black is a handy colour to be able to create a more dramatic look with any palette and can even be used wet with a thin liner brush to replace a gel liner. I also always choose one with a mid tone brown so necessary for that anchor/transition colour when creating a professional finish to your eyeshadow and be used to add definition and fill out brows.  I also love that you can swap out the colour as you use them and order replacements- no more empty pans when you finish your favourites!!  Finally finishing the eye makeup with a sweep of mascara will open and define the eye.


Looking for a natural bronzer that can add definition, colour and also help set your makeup?  Err yeah.  I love the rice powder bronzer/blush by Ere Perez because it does all of the above.  I wear the colour Tulum which is golden/bronze I even use mine as an eyeshadow and also to contour my lip line.  The colour range is cute too you can choose quite natural that is buildable in Roma to something with a pop of colour with Bondi. Now with the added value of sustainable packaging you will soon be able to reorder refills and keep your original compact- amazing!  Watch how I apply bronzer here.   


Good makeup brushes are hard to come by especially ones that work, aren't too expensive and there aren't so many you don't know what to do with them! My custom brush set is the capsule wardrobe of brushes as you can use them in multiuse ways, they also work so well with your natural makeup meaning you can get quite technical and detailed with your makeup looks.  These literally last for years my first set is still on the go after I first sourced them over 5 years ago I love that they are cruelty free and synthetic so wash up beautifully.  I supplement this with the Eye Lash Curler by Ere Perez because I love to curl my lashes for the maximum effect with or without mascara.

I love how easy natural makeup is to create a true capsule makeup collection- natural products that do what you need them to do.  Everyone is different and looking for different results so get in touch with me for a one on one, try on or just a chat!  If you are looking for somewhere to research the nasty ingredients you are better off avoiding I love the way Aussie brand EcoStore have put together an amazing A-Z of Ingredients from the nasty and avoid to the use with caution.  



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