Watch me create a flawless base with natural makeup.

How to apply natural foundation

My secrets to a hydrated dewy flawless skin:

✌️ The Oat Milk Foundation by Ere Perez 


✌️ My Custom Brush Set

Here's the go:

  1. With clean fingers apply a barrier/primer/boost of hydration- my go to is the Moringa Beauty Creme an all purpose burst of freshness for the face.
  2. Grab your Oat Milk Foundation- a little goes a long way- apply to the back of your hand as a palette, pick up a little at a time with you buffing brush and apply to the skin in circular 'buffing' motions
  3. Vanilla Highlighter (I used Fallen Star) on the high points of the face will give you an awesome glow and can literally transform the way you look and feel in seconds
  4. Add a pop of colour to cheeks and dab into the lips with a clean finger for an uber natural finish- try something from our blush collection.
  5. Don't miss my special offer for APRIL get the Oat Milk Foundation and grab your brush set at 20% off ✌️ watch me in action.  Don't forgot to give me a follow and let me know your thoughts, need a hand with colour matching- hit me up in the DMs.
  6. Watch the video of this technique in action 👇

 Tell me what you think in the comments below 👇 ?  Have you tried this technique?


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