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What goes on first concealer or foundation?

I love chatting makeup and that's what I'm here for so if you have a question I'd love to hear it! I also love to show you how natural makeup can perform.  Makeup and the way we use it to uplift, inspire and empower is my passion.  If I feature your question in my weekly ask a makeup artist you get a free ticket to my in person or online workshops.  Chances are if you are wondering someone else will be too so lets share the love and paint the world pretty together. Amy xx

Ask a makeup artist....

If we are talking about the conventional way we apply concealer for example, over blemishes, pigmentation or around the eye area I always choose to apply my concealer after foundation.  In fact concealer is usually the last thing I add to my face.  Why?  If you apply concealer first you are very likely to move it around and buff it off however if you apply on top of foundation its more likely to be able to camouflage the things we want it to and you can set the product in place with some powder.  I love The Arnica Concealer as it very pigmented which means it works plus has nourishing ingredients.   Natural arnica has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties,  which calms inflamed areas and helps your skin heal- bonus especially for acne prone skins or those with bluish undertones under the eyes.

How to Cover Blemishes:

I like to use a small brush and then you can be much more targeted just to cover the blemish and then set with a bit of powder. However if you suffer more breakouts in concentrated areas or if its a larger area like pigmentation I use my buffing brush to apply thin layers which you can then build up if you need more coverage.  Both of these brushes are in My Custom Brush Set.  I recommend you set the area with a powder as well you can choose translucent or a mineral powder foundation for added coverage. 

How to Hide Eye Bags:

Always hydrate the under eye area first I like to use the Cranberry Lip and Eye Butter- this will help smooth out and plump up the skin making the surface less crinkly (I use mine on my frown line too!)  I like to use my finger to apply the arnica concealer under the eye area it smoothes on beautifully with the warmth of your finger.  Be sure to bring the concealer out to the outer corner of the eye as most people tend to have a shadow in that area.  

How to Add Coverage to your Foundation :

I also love to mix the arnica concealer with the Oat Milk Foundation for a higher coverage foundation- this means you can ramp up the coverage only in the areas you need it letting your skin look more natural less mask like or if you prefer an all over high coverage apply it all over the skin.

Alternatives to Concealer:

I also love using a pop of colour on the cheeks as a distraction technique rather than heading straight for the concealer- my go to's for this are The Bronzer/Blush in Bondi, the Carrot Colour Pots if you prefer a cream or even a swipe of lipstick on the cheeks (especially The Bio Lipsticks in Pink & Honey) the blend around the edges.

Want to read more ways to use the arnica concealer read more here.


What goes first Foundation or Concealer? 


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