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Natural Skincare Brisbane

SO obviously I'd love to stock all of the amazing Natural products I truely believe in but I just can't.  There's no big wholesale budget here just a girl with a dream.  Here's a few favourites from some of my go to natural stores when I'm not able to source for The Eco Makeup Bar.  Please note this does have affiliate links (ie. when you buy from these links I get a small kick back which basically helps me upkeep my coffee habit!) so here's my picks from Nourished Life.

Inner Beauty/Supplements:  

Where do I turn when my skin in failing me?  Internally. I know when I've been a bit rough on my insides because my skin shows it.  My first line of defence is by The Beauty Chef.   My personal go to is CLEANSE the alkalising greens really make a difference to my gut health which in turn makes my skin glow.  It really does work I've seen the difference in less than a week of using it.  I also like GLOW which is more of a berry taste and is really designed to help the skin with a mix of bio-fermented pre and probiotics.  I know some people can't live without this.  I personally recommend starting out with cleanse and then trying glow and seeing what works best for you individually.  You can mix them with smoothies etc but I just mix with water and neck it back!  Start slowly with cleanse 1 teaspoon is enough for the first couple of days then work up to the two teaspoons as recommended on the label.  Keep these babies in the fridge once opened.

Active Serums:

Sometimes, particularly in winter, I turn to an active serum to give me the boost of hydration I feel I need.  My favourites are Biologi Bd for face and Bf for the body.  These are pretty potent plant based serums but they are quite polarising.  Some people experience a purge when they start using them but I do find I get results with these.  If you are sensitive you can also use Bf on your face- I use this on my kids when they get eczema flares (which by the way usually happens when I let my guard down and their diet isn't quite as good as it should be).  I like the range but you don't need all of them.  My top tips- always use on dry skin and give it some time to sink in before you apply your spf etc. again work up to using them and just gauge how regularly you need them I use one pump of Bd once a day. If you want to try before you commit I highly recommend the trial pack and see what one you prefer.

Cleansing and Shampoo Bars: 

Great for bath time the kids love these natural soap bars by Ethique and I use them instead of bubbles.  We love the Oaty Delicious and Little Ethique Untangled Conditioner bar.  They even have a purple toning conditioner bar for keeping your blonde in good shape!  My husband also likes the Top to Toe bar and the solid deodorant bar even though he was super sceptical when I first bought him it.

Heavy Moisturisers & Creams:

I'm not really a heavy face cream person I'd always go serums and oils (multiple times a day) than a moisturiser.  In fact the only moisturiser I really love is the Moringa Beauty Creme from the online store but I actually love in winter and kinda can't live without Weleda Skin Food particularly for my hands and elbows but I have used as an over night skin treatment and will lock in my serum and oil with this on a Sunday when I don't care about just how dewy I look as I fold the laundry.

Multipurpose Oils

Finally I always stock up on Jojoba Oil when Nourished Life do their big click frenzy sales because it is so multipurpose you can use to oil cleanse, an extra layer of oil when I've ran out of my favourites, Poppy loves to use this before her SPF too, itches patches of eczema.  This is a go to.

Final word on Nourished Life.  I like Irene Falconer's honesty she's not trying to be anyone, she tries all the products herself and she rewards her customers with the nourished life rewards programs.  In fact I'd kind of love to work for her.  As far as I can see it's a fab company.  Let me know your favourites? xx


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