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Why natural? 

For me, why not?  I have spent the last three years learning about natural makeup and skincare to replace the conventional products that use to over flow my bathroom cabinets and my professional kit.  I fell for every marketing campaign going in the beauty industry, I wanted all of the poreless, radiant finish, long lasting. I wanted it allll.  I wanted it for my kit.  I had the fear I'd be asked for something I didn't have.

After a huge personal journey with my son and his struggles with painful eczema it got me thinking though.  If wiping out soap and harsh chemicals out of his routine could pretty much cure him of his skin problems would the same approach work for me and why wouldn't I try it?  When I was pregnant with my third I really had some time to think about what I was putting in and on my body and I decided it was time to make a change.  Without a change I felt like a hypocrite.

With a newborn in tow, turning 37, I started getting serious compliments about my skin, I was actually exhausted and run down, I was living off lattes!!  I was not looking after myself well, yes maybe I had pregnancy hormones still racing though my body but that wasn't it.  What had changed? I fell in love with natural,  I fell in love with oils, I had researched natural ingredients to plump skin, nourish it and I found natural brands that worked.  I worked with the public in a retail setting I met many different people with different motivations as to why they used or seeked natural, clean beauty in Brisbane.  I learned a lot from these people.  I love working with people as there's so much to learn.

I know that not everyone is 'sold' on natural makeup or clean beauty and that's ok too.  I don't preach and I truely believe we can all do our own research.  We deserve choice.  My goal is to show you a natural alternative and let you fall in love just like I did. 

What I love about being into natural products:

  • being immune to big brands marketing that invest more into their  campaigns than what's in the bottle
  • spending my money wisely on products I truly love and believe in to create a look that gives me confidence and encourages me to take time to enjoy my skincare and makeup routine
  • supporting small, independent and local businesses 
  • being more minimalist and streamlined in my personal and professional kit 

With all of the above I add a little of my positive beauty ethos, a sprinkle of personality and a chilled glass of bubbles.  Fact is we know how to have fun at The Eco Makeup Bar and we'd love to see you here online & in person in our boutique studio in Brisbane.  Sign up to hear more I do new things on a monthly basis because I like to keep it fresh and I'm always open to ideas!  Contact me or book now!

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