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Jade Gua Sha for facial Massage
Jade Gua Sha
Jade Gua Sha
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Jade Gua Sha

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The Jade Gua Sha has an organic feel, a comfortable weight with a wonderful balancing vibe.   Known as a Yin stone for its cooling nature to alleviate inflammation.  Jade can release your emotions from deep down and is said to offer good health, wealth and love.  I love using this stone during stressful and overwhelmed times. 

Press, stroke, scrape and savour are words you will come accustomed to as you fall in love with your Gua Sha.  I hold tension in my jaw, neck and forehead.  I've really benefited by getting into a regular routine with these versatile little tools.

You can use each shape for a full facial tool. The cool of the stone helps de-puff under eyes and the contours fit my jawline and crunchy little forehead perfectly!   Trust me, you can actually feel the crunch as you iron out the tension. The power of lymphatic drainage is really impressive and can give you a real lift to the face.  Fine lines can be alleviated by relaxing the small muscles that create them- I was sceptical too but after using these consistently I've loved the results!

So, I've got three shapes for you:

HEART: I feel really connected to myself when I use this one and enjoy the feeling of power from just taking five minutes out to do this for myself. Contours perfectly to the jawline and browbone.

SWOOSH:  LOVE the combing power of this one it really gets the blood flow going plus the flat side makes for cooling under-eye compress that de-puffs the under-eye area-swoosh away the puff! The 'sha' results of the swoosh are remarkable I think this is the best for the combing effect. 

PUZZLE: great for detoxing and perfect for migraine sufferers this can really iron out forehead tension, the puzzle piece literally sits on the bridge of the nose and the spine

Benefits of 'Gua' (to rub) 'Sha' (blood stagnation or heat is trapped in the body):

  • increases circulation 
  • releases muscle tension
  • may help reduce swelling/puffiness
  • improves skin elasticity 
  • promote lymphatic drainage

Note about oil- apply oil first I use my favourite oil from my 7 step glow ritual by baimeni.  I find this a gorgeous oil as its awakening and fresh.

Movements:  moving from the centre of the face outward, with finishing strokes moving down the neck.

Pressure: Use firm pressure when doing gua sha on your neck, medium pressure on your face, and feather-light pressure around your eyes.

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